Professor: Mary L. Kraft
University of Illinois
600 S Mathews Ave
208 RAL, MC-712
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: 217-333-2228

Overview of Kraft Lab Research

Our research focuses on the development of novel bioimaging tools that overcome sigificant barriers to progress in biomedical research. One research project focuses developing the ability to image algal cell response to interactions with bacteria that affect the phosynthetic conversion of carbon dioxide to useful organic molecules. In a second research project, we are using our approach for imaging the distributions of biomolecules on and within cells to study influenza virus replication. Our third research project focuses on the development of a platform that enables noninvasively screening the fate decisions of individual, living stem and progenitor cells for tissue engineering applications .

Research Projects:

Are you an undergraduate student that is interested in performing research in the Kraft lab? All undergraduate students must find a graduate student in the Kraft lab that will serve as their research mentor. Please contact the current graduate students to enquire about the availability of undergraduate research projects.